Nosy, monitor-peeping coworkers bothered 55 percent of survey respondents. |

What Makes SoCal Office Workers Unhappy — and What You Can Do About It

Carrie Rossenfeld Office

Commercial Café, a nationwide commercial real estate listings platform and a part of Yardi Systems, recently released the results of its 2018 Office Workspace Survey and extracted some of it to outline the happiest and unhappiest office employees in the U.S. according to their geographical location. The firm also took into account the industry respondents worked in, as well as their respective tenures and ages.

Surprisingly, even though the West Coast has previously been dubbed the “best coast,” it turns out that office workers don’t necessarily agree, according to the firm. Overall, respondents from the East and Gulf Coast states are happier with their workspaces compared to West Coasters. And, the survey revealed, although 80 percent of U.S. employment and GDP is concentrated in the coastal states, inland office dwellers are more satisfied with their working environment than their coastal counterparts.

But what about SoCal office workers specifically? “SoCal office dwellers seem to be particularly bothered by interruptions from their coworkers (69 percent of them attesting to the fact), followed by the general high noise level of their surroundings (67 percent) and finally, the nosy monitor-peeping coworker (55 percent),” Corina Tarta, an analyst with the company, tells SoCal Real Estate.

While the jury is still out on what office layout would best suit both the companies and their employees in Southern California, in the future owners will likely have to re-examine their approach to the issue, considering that productivity is a not only an aspect of employee efficiency but ultimately one of company efficiency, Tarta adds. “In order to have a positive impact on productivity, developers and/or designers could gear their concepts toward a better-balanced open-private space for office users, not as a perk but as a mandatory minimum. Though balance is an elusive notion when it comes to making everyone happy, for Southern Californians having more privacy, a lower noise level, and better air quality seems to do the trick, according to our survey.”