What Can Services Like Do for SoCal?

Carrie Rossenfeld Office touts itself as “the Zillow for commercial properties,” according to a representative of the firm. With so many online services becoming available to this industry, SoCal Real Estate spoke with John Heimbigner, regional director of, about what this service can do for SoCal commercial real estate, the problems it solves and where tools like this are headed over the next decade.

John Heimbigner | Courtesy a representative of

SoCal Real Estate: What does do for those in the SoCal commercial real estate market that they can’t get elsewhere?
Heimbigner: has been serving the CRE community since 1996. We started off by focusing our efforts on the West Coast, with parts of SoCal being one of our earlier markets, and eventually became a nationwide listing platform. Unlike other listing platforms out there who are primarily focused on broker-to-broker marketing, we provide a marketing avenue for brokers to reach tenants. makes it easy for anyone to search and access listings (office, retail, industrial, flex, land, etc.) in their area. Our goal is to make commercial real estate more accessible, without paywalls, to tenants and brokers.

What are the chief problems office users and landlords face in this market that this tool helps solve?
The lack of a central MLS in CRE makes it difficult for most office users to access a comprehensive survey of available listings in their area easily. With over 550,000 active listings available to search on, prospective tenants will be able to access a large breadth of data and connect with local brokers — all without leaving the website. On the flip side of that, is a powerful marketing opportunity for brokers and landlords as we currently track hundreds and thousands of unique users on a monthly basis. In an effort to make listing data more accessible, we collaborate with brokerage firms from all over the country to syndicate their listings to, ensuring fresh data for prospective tenants and providing an easy, cost-effective way for brokers to expand their marketing reach and better service their landlords.

Where do you see tools like this headed over the next five to 10 years?
The hope is that in the next five to 10 years tools like will continue help the industry make strides toward better data accessibility and transparency. Tech companies like ours not only provide an open, user-friendly search platform for tenants and brokers, but we can also help solve some of the inefficiencies that come with data management. Right now, many firms don’t have their data in a format that can be easily shared and it can be quite expensive to update listing data. We are, however, beginning to see a shift. Over the last few years we’ve seen more brokerages that are recognizing this as an issue and are willing to step up and work with us to consolidate and syndicate their data. This ultimately benefits everyone involved in the process — from tenants and buyers seeking space to brokers and the landlords they serve.

What else should our readers know about and the SoCal office market?
A few key points that I always like to emphasize about is that we’ve been around for over 20 years and we don’t just list office space — we’re a full-service MLS for office, retail and industrial space for sale and lease. We also own the domain names and There are never any pay walls when adding a property onto, and all brokers/tenants can search for their space requirement for free.

We have thousands of listings across the SoCal market, and we’re more than happy help brokers and property owners add their listings to Brokers new to our platform can reach me with any questions, as I’m always open to providing presentations or tutorials.