Gordon Carrier, left, said at last week’s NAIOP Breakfast that Measure G was the only initiative consistent with the Mission Valley Community Plan Update. | Image by Carrie Rossenfeld

Mission Valley Planning Group Supports Measure G

Carrie Rossenfeld Government & Public Policy

San Diego organizations are continuing to show support for Measure G, the SDSU West initiative that is on the San Diego ballot this November. The measure is going up against Measure E, the SoccerCity initiative, on which SoCal Real Estate has reported.

Now, it is the Mission Valley Planning Group (MVPG) that is supporting the measure. According to a representative of Yes on Measure G, MVPG has voted to unanimously endorse Measure G and oppose Measure E.

“We are proud and honored to receive the official seal of endorsement from the Mission Valley Planning Group,” says Yes on Measure G spokesperson Katy Temple in a release from the representative. She adds that Measure G is “the only initiative that requires an open and transparent planning process that allows the community to provide input. SDSU West also ensures a landlocked San Diego State University can grow and expand to boost our economy.”

In endorsing Measure G, the statement says, MVPG noted the initiative’s superior benefits and protections for the city and taxpayers, whereas Measure E fails to provide environmental protections and eliminates opportunities for public input, reasons cited by the group in opposing the initiative.

As Gordon Carrier, principal of Carrier Johnson + Culture, architect for the Mission Valley Community Plan Update, and designer of SDSU West, noted in last Wednesday’s NAIOP breakfast event, Measure G is the only initiative of the two that is consistent with the plan. The release says the plan is a critical protection to safeguard the existing Mission Valley community and that Measure G requires any plan developed by San Diego State University to comply with strict environmental review under the California Environmental Quality Act, which includes multiple opportunities for public input.

San Diego City Council president pro tem Barbara Bry is quoted in the release as saying, “Measure G is the only initiative that unlocks the potential of San Diego State University and creates the opportunity to educate more students across our region.”

The statement also says MVPG’s endorsement was made after a thorough review process, which included subcommittee meetings to study both stadium site proposals in detail, and that the decision comes after months of intensive review by the full MVPG, including presentations and meetings with leadership from both proposals, and subcommittee analysis.

Other recent bipartisan endorsements for Measure G, according to the release, include the Lincoln Club of San Diego County, San Diego Democratic Party, the Sierra Club of San Diego, and the San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce.