Serrano Business Park in the IE’s Jurupa Valley, California. | Courtesy CapRock Partners

Editor’s Note — August 2018: Making it Work

Carrie Rossenfeld Editor's Note

From SoCal Real Estate’s August 2018 issue

Ask executives in the industrial sector of CRE how they would characterize the SoCal market, and you’ll hear both the positives (“darling” of the industry, larger warehouses and distribution buildings, demand for last-mile facilities) and the negatives (tough market, tight inventory, shrinking options for users, no land for development). There’s definitely a “glass half full” or “glass half empty” mentality about the sector, depending on which side you’re on and which area of the region you’re in, but somehow the market is making it work.

This month’s issue of SoCal Real Estate provides a focus on the industrial sector of our region — the good, the bad, and the ugly. Our guest columnist, Landmark Capital Advisors’ Adam Deermount, raises and answers the question of whether or not SoCal is building too much industrial space, as Sam Zell recently suggested might be the case. We present our feedback from industry experts on how logistics will continue to change the sector, as it has significantly and will no doubt continue to do.

We also present four feature stories on different aspects of the industrial market: how do actually get development deals done in Southern California, the concern of aging warehouse stock, the growing use of technology in completing industrial deals, and the ever-shrinking stock of space appropriate for smaller users. As e-commerce continues to affect every aspect of industrial real estate, all of these topics are being raised and addressed in the market.

But just as last month, we talked about how the Inland Empire is about more than only industrial, this month we offer perspectives on other areas of SoCal real estate. On our “Personalities” page, we examine philanthropy by highlighting how Stirling Development has contributed hundreds of thousands of dollars to a local veterans’ association to help renovate a building for its offices, which in turn will help the many veterans and their families in countless ways. Our “Policy Page” deals with our current administration’s federal immigration laws and foreign policy and how they could be affecting foreign student-housing enrollment here, which impacts the student-housing sector. Our “Event Coverage” page covers the recent BMC Lecture Series event on the corporate and individual impacts of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 and how to react to it. And we provide much more news, facts, and trends in “The Briefing,” “Deal Sheet,” “People on the Move,” “Project Updates,” and “Market Snapshots.”

So, stay with us, and we’ll help you figure out how to make it all work for your business, too.

Carrie Rossenfeld