New Block™ was constructed in 2013 for Jamboree Housing and the City of Buena Park’s Redevelopment Agency in a project called Park Landing.

New Block Sustainable Design Concept Earns a Patent

Carrie Rossenfeld Multifamily

Newman Garrison + Partners, a Newport Beach, California–based architectural firm that specializes in creating mid- and high-rise multifamily towers, mixed-use, urban infill and transit-oriented developments, resort communities, and workforce and student housing, is now offering its low-cost, sustainable design concept, New Block™, to urban developers nationwide. The firm has patented its affordable-building concept so that it is now available for use by urban developers nationwide.

An effort to address the challenges developers faced building and financing cost-effective apartments during the recession, New Block™ is an architectural design concept that targets two-acre urban infill sites. Built entirely in Type V wood-frame construction, the concept provides up to 24,000 square feet of usable open space — 45% of which is park landscape — incorporating a sustainable “live green roof” system and providing an overall cost-effective solution for developers across the nation.

“The difficulties and challenges we face today are quite different than the ones we faced nine years ago,” says NG+P chairman Kevin Newman. “The continuing rise in land costs, construction, and materials have created roadblocks within the industry to develop and build a more affordable housing type within our urban neighborhoods. New Block™ is a bridge between lower-density three-story garden walk-up apartments and four-story over-podium construction typologies, a design concept that ultimately offers developers construction plans that address the constraints surrounding the maximization
of density, while meeting the open space and sustainability requirements of smaller land sites at an affordable rate.”

NG+P’s licensing structure is designed to give developers the flexibility to either hire a local architect of their choice or use NG+P’s services. Whether developers choose to hire an outside architecture firm or use NG+P’s services, they will need to first sign a contract to attain rights to the patent for each individual development. In doing so, NG+P can move forward by providing the developer with a patent license.

“After eight years of working with our patent attorneys, we’re proud to now offer a successful green-building solution to urban markets across the country and are excited for developers nationwide to finally be provided a unique and sustainable housing solution that addresses several critical challenges that developers face in today’s environment,” Newman adds.

New Block™ was constructed in 2013 for Irvine, California–based housing developer, Jamboree Housing, and the City of Buena Park’s Redevelopment Agency. The project, called Park Landing, has won 10 industry awards for design excellence, including recognition as LEED Gold for homes certified 2014 and NAHB Nationals: Silver Award for Best Green/Sustainable Home Design in 2015.